Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Resident Evil: Afterlife is a 2010 science fiction action horror film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, based on the video game series Resident Evil of the same name.  The film stars Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Shawn Roberts, Boris Kodjoe, Kim Coates, and Spencer Locke.  It is the fourth installment in the Resident Evil film series, following Alice (Jovovich) who searches for and rescues the remaining survivors in Los Angeles after the T-virus outbreak, and teaming up against Albert Wesker (Roberts), the head of the Umbrella Corporation.


  • Good performances by the main and supporting cast
  • Interesting characters
  • Great soundtrack
  • Good action sequences
  • Good use of practical and make-up effects


  • Unoriginal story
  • Convenience ridden story
  • Useless, flat characters
  • Crappy CGI effects

Plot:  The story is decent and becomes more focused when it comes to the prison which brings a more claustrophobic feel.  However, this is where things get a bit hairy.  The story could’ve been brought back to close quarters which would’ve brought the series back to its roots and could’ve fleshed out the more survival horror elements.  (2 out of 5)

Characters: The film does feature a lot of interesting characters.  Alice returns; she’s great, she’s strong.  It’s good to see her character be normal, be vulnerable.  Claire is likable and she does radiate that same strength as Alice and they have great chemistry together.  Luther is another great character, he has likable qualities, he is strong.  Wesker is badass.  Chris had literally nothing to do in the film. (3 out of 5)

Cast: Jovovich does a great job as Alice.  Larter is terrific as Claire.  Kodjoe has one of the most standout performances because he gives Luther a great personality.  He has great chemistry with Jovovich.  Roberts does a good job as Wesker although his portrayal could’ve been little bit better. Wentworth Miller was terribly cast as Chris.  He had no presence, no personality.  (3 out of 5)

Visuals: The film features a great visual effects.  Great make-up effects for the zombies.  The Axeman design looks great, very realistic, very good use of practical effects in collaboration with CGI.  The Las Plagas creatures do look great. The creature designs were definitely on point.  The overall prison setting does look good.  There are some moments where the CGI is obvious.  To be more specific the Alice clones were blatantly CGI.  (4 out of 5)

Score: The film features an awesome score.  The soundtrack is just completely badass, from start to finish especially the final action sequence.  It definitely sets a great tone for the film. (4 out of 5)

Writing:  The film would’ve been leagues better had Alice found herself in a prison with other survivors trying to escape while dealing with the undead and other creatures.  This plot undoubtedly would’ve given the Axeman a real purpose for the film.  There are definitely way too many conveniences that tear at the story.

The Verdict: In the end, Resident Evil: Afterlife is a decent film but definitely could’ve been better.  The story, of course, has too many conveniences, there are some moments of obvious CGI, too many useless characters, and some poor performances.  However, the film does have great performances by Jovovich, Larter, and Kodjoe, as well as a great use of make-up and practical effects, creature designs, great action sequences, and an awesome soundtrack.  Resident Evil: Afterlife gets 3 out of 5.

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