Resident Evil Vol.2: The Marhawa Desire Recap/Review

Title:  Resident Evil Vol.2: Marhawa Desire

Story & Art by: Naoki Serizawa

Volume 2 opens up with Doug, Ricky, Senior Instructor Ray Hsu, and Special Advanced Security Guard Tahir Kapoor who decide to descend into the control room to dispose of the infected school staff.  The group are joined by Bindi before going (though I don’t understand where in the hell she got the crossbow).  The underground facility is a good setup and looks like a Resident Evil setting.  The group come across some zombies and of course all hell breaks loose and we get a sweetass action sequence.  Kapoor knocked the hell out of one of the zombies with that sledge hammer (I don’t understand why he thought it was a great idea to have a sledgehammer nor Hsu’s choice of a sword).

Doug and Ricky discover that the zombies are born of a new strain as they can run because normally, zombies don’t run.  Kapoor gets bit when more zombies attack forcing the group to retreat.  They take refuge in a control room finding a critically injured plant worker who informs them of a mysterious hooded woman before dying.  They attempt to escape when they’re attacked again and Hsu is killed (like he truly mattered) though we get another badass action sequence.  Bindi goes missing but Ricky gets some shine with a badass monologue while taking out a zombie (the plant worker who was injured), even shoving his fist into a zombie’s mouth.  Doug and Kapoor take on a zombified Ray and both are wounded but manage to kill him.  Ricky finds Bindi in what looks like a sewer (why the hell is she even there?).

We get a bit of exposition on Chris Redfield, Piers Nivens, and the sexy Merah Biji and their search for Doug.  The three find out that Doug and Ricky have gone to Marhawa Academy.  I like the camaradarie between the three as well as the comedy around Merah’s reactions to Japanese food.  One of the chefs request that Chris and company check on his daughter, Nana Yoshihara (someone obviously important as Bindi mentions her before).

Back to the academy, we get a sequence where Bindi confronts Mother Garcia about the outbreak, which Garcia stubbornly refuses to yield.  Garcia has some major cojones.  She’s starting to come off as one of these typical Japanese characters that’s hard to like though their intentions are noble (to a point).  You kind of see it when she gives Kapoor some guns and she gets this really dark look in her eyes.  This broad cares more about the reputation of the academy that the numerous deaths that are piling up.  Rick, Doug, and Kapoor are talking and Kapoor simps up and tries to give perspective on Garcia as well as exposition on himself.  This would work if she actually gave a damn about her students.

Despite common sense, Garcia authorizes a festival for the students (despite the many deaths) and what do you know, the hooded woman shows up, infects two students and all hell breaks loose.  Bindi finally does something constructive and puts the two out of their misery (where she got the hundred or arrows is never explained).  Garcia uses Bindi as a scapegoat to cover up the zombie attack (gotta admit this woman is cold as ice).  Ricky and Doug confront her on her bullshit and Garcia gives exposition on Bindi and her friend Nanan who died a few months prior while trying to runaway.  We get a moment between Doug and Garcia (the perfect moment for development) but it’s ruined when the hooded woman, revealed to a horribly mutated Nanan shows up.  The volume ends with Doug and Kapoor being horribly injured when Nanan attacks them.

The Verdict: In the end, Resident Evil Vol.2: The Marhawa Desire just takes things to the next level.  Not only is there more “screentime” for the zombies but we get more story reveal for the characters and the events leading up to the story.  Didn’t give a damn that Ray Hsu was killed because he wasn’t an interesting character but Kapoor has grown on me.  I would like to see some development from Garcia.  Also, I hope Doug isn’t dead because he’s one of the most well rounded characters in the entire franchise.  Resident Evil Vol.2: The Marhawa Desire gets 5 out of 5.

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