Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017

This year has come with some pretty intense movies but with the good there is obviously the bad.  This is a list of of 2017’s worst films.

10. The Great Wall

European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. Chinese warriors taking on some aliens is always great.  Put in a Matt Damon and some other guy and they steal the show and in a bad way.

Director: Yimou Zhang

9. Fifty Shades Darker

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her.  This would’ve made for a better tv series or miniseries than a damn movie.  Everything about this movie feels rushed.  That is, everything but the sex scenes that just drag on like a midget carrying a large sack of potatoes.

Director: James Foley

8. Don’t Kill It

Jebediah Woodley, a demon hunter who travels to Mississippi in the hopes of destroying an ancient, but homicidal demon.  Dolph Lundgren is a terrible actor and this movie proves that he cannot act his way out of a paper bag.  He’s a hack.  And it doesn’t help that the writing and direction are just awful for no reason.

Director: Mike Mendez

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon while being pursued by an undead sea captain and his crew.  Another Pirates of the Caribbean film that could’ve been awesome but fails due to the lack of consistency and an apparent lack of actual attention to the writing.  Barbossa has a daughter. That’s just out of left field.

Director: Joachim Ronnine, Espen Sandberg

6. Be Afraid

John begins to experience sleep paralysis, and as he lies in bed paralyzed, entities that exist in the darkest shadows of the night visit him. John’s horror intensifies when he learns that the beings plan to abduct his 7-year-old son.  An interesting premise but the presentation and execution are just sub par.  Brian Krause is a great Leo in Charmed but this movie gives him nothing to really do and when he’s finally able to do something he “dies”.

Director: Drew Gabreski

5. The Mummy

An ancient Egyptian princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension. A female mummy loose upon the world is an awesome idea.  A female mummy loose upon the world having to deal with Tom Cruise is just a bummer.  Especially when the movie suffers the typical Tom Cruise formula.

Director: Alex Kurtzman

4. Alien: Covenant

The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.  If there ever was a terrible Alien movie, this would be it.  What makes this such a bad movie is because with all the source material the writer could’ve pulled from, they could’ve made a great origin story for the xenomorphs.

Director: Ridley Scott

3. All About the Money

The film follows three friends who have absolutely no training who decide to go after a wanted criminal for the reward money.  Nearly everything about this movie is garbage.  The dialogue is terrible, performances over-the-top, writing atrocious, and characters who are complete dumbasses. Hands down, Eddie Griffin is the worst part of the movie.

Director: Blake Freeman

2. Jeepers Creepers 3

Sheriff Dan Tashtego and a team of creeper hunters enlist the help of officer Davis Tubbs to help stop the monster’s eating spree. This movie is a straight up mess.  For all of those who want to know about the creature’s origins, you’ll sorely be disappointed.

Director: Victor Salva

1. Transformers: The Last Knight

Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.  I’m not the one to complain about Michael Bay’s directing but this movie was just an abomination.  The writing doesn’t make sense on nearly any level and the whole evil Optimus Prime is just underplayed.  Along with any actual story.

Director: Michael Bay

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what movies are the worst of 2017.

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