Top 10 Dark Knight Trilogy Characters

Christopher Nolan has done a phenomenal job with bringing his vision of Batman to the big screen and it has been highly successful.  And the interpretations of the characters were pretty damn interesting. Of course, we have to make a list of our favorite characters.

10. Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson)

The leader of the League of Shadows Ra’s al Ghul leads the group in keeping the world what they consider balanced.  He sets his sights on destroying Gotham.  But like one other on this list, it’s really the reveal that makes him awesome.  After mentoring Bruce in the ways of the ninja, he tries to recruit him. It is later revealed that he is the leader.

9. Harvey Dent / Two Face (Aaron Eckhart)

The White Knight to Gotham’s Dark Knight, Harvey is the badass DA who is ruthless with criminals in the legal system as Batman is outside of it.  Sadly, Harvey’s fall to the dark side comes with the death of his love Rachel and his disfigurement.  Honestly, his face has never looked as creepy or as intense.

8. Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)

Lucius is as important to Bruce as Alfred and if Alfred is Bruce’s spiritual support, Lucius would be the guy to give Bruce his sword and shield.  He’s brilliant, observant, intuitive, and has a warm sarcasm.  No doubt, Batman’s war against crime would not be as effective with Lucius’ help.

7. Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine)

Alfred has always been Bruce’s shoulder to lean on and despite his worry for his friend’s safety, supports him to the fullest.  If Batman is the anger and power of the two, then Alfred surely is the soul.

6. Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

An awesome character, John is a detective who helps both Commissioner Gordon and Batman take back the streets from Bane and his army.  Smart, loyal, and highly intuitive, John is the only character in the series who actually deduces Batman’s identity.  And seemingly becomes the next avenger against crime after inheriting the Batcave.

5. Miranda Tate / Talia al Ghul (Marion Cotillard)

What makes Miranda such an iconic character is the final reveal concerning her character.  Throughout the entire movie she slowly seduces her way into Bruce’s life while also manipulating the destruction of it behind the scenes.  Like her father, she seeks Gotham’s destruction and revenge for his death.

4. Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Anne Hathaway)

One of the best interpretations of the character, Selina is the best she’s ever been onscreen.  Selina is smart, a highly skilled fighter, and is as tough as they come.  She doesn’t hesitate to do whatever is in her best interest but has enough heart to sympathize with others.

3. Bruce Wayne / Batman (Christian Bale)

We all know the story of Bruce Wayne.  Boy billionaire who loses his parents and grows to become the Dark Knight.  What makes his character so awesome is how balanced both personas are.  Bruce Wayne is just as important as Batman and both have faced corruption and kicked its tail.

2. Bane (Tom Hardy)

Batman has displayed his prowess in combat countless times, but there is only one person who outright destroys him.  Bane not only breaks Batman’s back but also nearly blows Gotham off the map.  Not everyone will like his breather or his voice but his physique goes without question.

 1. Joker (Heath Ledger)

Undoubtedly the series most memorable character, Joker managed to turn Gotham upside down.  Joker not only manages to push the boundaries of morality with Batman, but also with Gotham’s citizens.  His chaotic, yet charismatic approach to the world make him as smart as he is dangerous  Not to mention, despite his messy makeup, he’s a sharp dresser.

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