Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City #3) Review

Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City #3) is a 2005 supernatural romance novel written by Patti O’Shea, published by Love Spell.  Set as Book Three in the Crimson City series, the story follows the half demon half human Conor who must protect the half demon half human Mika from unknown assailants while Mika harbors a terrible secret.


  • Great main leads
  • Humorous dialogue
  • Good storytelling
  • Great characterization


  • Some pacing issues
  • Cardboard antagonists

Plot:   Mika Noguchi is a half-demon who enlist the protection of the half-demon Conor McCabe. However, she is revealed to have been sent by the leaders of demonic world Orcus to steal what’s in Conor’s possession, the key to opening the portal to bridge Earth and Orcus. As the story progresses Mika and Conor’s relationship strengthens.  There are other demons loose in city who are just as anxious to get the key.  The story is pretty darn engaging especially watching the dynamic between Mika and Conor develop.  Also, there is the developing arc with both characters, Mika growing as a character and Conor learning to accept his demon heritage.  The story does come to a great climax and the ending is pretty satisfying.  (3 out of 5)

Characters: Conor McCabe and Mika Noguchi are the main protagonists. Conor McCabe is such a badass. He’s smart, he’s serious, he kicks all kinds of ass.  Conor really doesn’t like demons so it’s easy to see how he seeks to destroy his demonic half.  Mika is fun, she’s laid back, she’s a great contrast to Conor. She embraces both sides of her heritage despite not really feeling like she belongs in the demon world.  The two characters have a strong developing arc. Initially there was some doubt due to their predestined attraction but they do build it.  The main antagonists basically are the baddest demons known as the Bak Faru, who pretty much do any and everything they want.  I didn’t like that it seems like the stronger the demon the more evil they seem to be.  None of the Bak Faru  have personality outside of murder-death-kill. They are literally the worst and they do feel like a cheap cop out.  (4 out of 5)

Writing: The writing is done pretty well and O’Shea is at the top of her game.  As with other entries in the series, there are some pretty detailed erotic sequences. Patti O’Shea does a great job of focusing on the intensity between the two. They’re stuck in a house together for the majority of the story but she makes it interesting, the playful dialogue, the gradual growth. There’s interesting writing concerning the different types of demons as well as their different abilities and characteristics.  There is also more exposition of the demon world and how its hierarchy works.  The story goes at a good pace though sometimes the pacing can get a little slow with the Mika and Conor’s scenes at the house.  There is a serious tone to the writing but it contains enough action, romance, and humor to balance it out. (3 out of 5)

The Verdict: In the end, Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City #3) is a great read, especially for fans of the series.  There are some pacing issues here and there and the main antagonists are really interesting.  However, it’s the Conor and Mika who are the highlights of the story and their growing relationship.  The storytelling works, funny dialogue, and the action is handled well.  Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City #3) gets 3 out of 5.

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