Top 10 Movie Lightning Users

Welcome to another top 10 lists.  In this post we’re counting down the Top 10 Movie Lightning Users.  The rules are they have to be in a movie or an animated movie, and the characters have to be able to create, generate, manipulate, or become electricity/lightning.  This can also include superpowers, magic, or technological means.

10. Barry Allen / Flash (DC Extended Universe)

Barry Allen, after being struck by lightning (and doused with some nearby chemicals in the process), gained a metahuman connection to the Speed Force granting him many speed-based abilities.  When moving at incredible speeds, he can generate bolts of blue Speed Force lightning which trail behind him when he runs, and can cause electronic technology nearby to short-circuit, overload, or even burst into sparks. Flash can also harness this lightning as projectiles to varying effects, as he’s capable of utilizing incredibly powerful bolts.

9. Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious (Star Wars)

Palpatine is incredibly powerful in the Force, specifically his mastery of Force Lightning, both as a deadly attack and as a means of torture.

8. Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four)

Due to his exposure to the cosmic cloud, along with his slow transformation to organic metal, Victor gained the ability to absorb and discharge bolts of electricity from his hands.

7. Evanora (Oz the Great and Powerful)

As a magical witch, Evanora possesses numerous magical powers due to a green emerald necklace that glows whenever she uses magic. Evanora’s most notable ability is to create and project green electricity and lightning she conjures from her fingertips and both hands.

6. Lightning (Big Trouble in Little China)

Lightning’s special ability is manipulating electricity and lightning for various purpose, such as using a lighting bolt to travel down or up.

5. Zeus (Clash of the Titans)

Zeus is the Greek God of Heaven. the ruler of Mount Olympus and the Gods.  Of course, Zeus’ main abilities are focused on the generation and control of lightning which he can use to varying degrees. Zeus can even teleport leaving remnants of lightning.

4. Ares (Wonder Woman)

As an Olympian God, and a son of Zeus himself, Ares is a phenomenally powerful divine being.  Like his father Zeus, Ares can generate and control divine electricity to an extreme degree, generating everything from precise small tendrils to tremendous torrents from his hands, with Ares also able to conduct extreme amounts of electricity through touch.  He could also summon immense celestial bolts of lightning, and redirect them towards desired targets.

3. Ororo Munroe / Storm (X-Men)

Ororo is a mutant and member of the X-Men.  As a mutant she possesses the ability of Atmoskinesis, which allows her to control all forms of the weather.  Naturally, this will allow her to control lightning and because influence on the weather, can manifest it to varying degrees.

2. Thor Odinson (Thor)

Thor is the new king of Asgard known as the God of Thunder.  As the God of Thunder, Thor possesses the ability to generate, control and project electrical energy.  His powers are thus amplified when he loses his hammer, Mjølnir.

 1. Maxwell Dillon / Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Formerly an electrical engineer working at Oscorp Industries, Maxwell “Max” Dillon suffered an accident in which he was shocked with electricity, making him fall down in to a tank of genetically-modified electric eels. He was attacked by the eels, before finally breaking the entire tank. As a result of this accident, Max discovered that he was made of pure electrical energy as well as given an array of electricity based powers including lightning projection, flight, electrical detection, and electrical absorption.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know who your favorite lightning users are in movies.

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