New Changes to Our Monthly Themes

This is a public announcement that I’m posting.  A month or two ago I established a calendar with new monthly themes.  I know it hasn’t been long but we’re changing this dynamic.  The website will feature a new themed system that should do a better job of appealing to our audiences.

In our original post each month had its own theme: January (books), February (fantasy), March (video games), April (anime), May (movies), June (graphic novels), July (drama), August (action), September (science fiction), October (horror), November (television), and December (supernatural), but at the beginning of the 2018 year the calendar will be completely overhauled.

The year will now be split into four themes that will be covered in three month increments.  January, February, and March will cover books; April, May, and June will cover video games; July, August, and September will cover television shows; October, November, and December will cover movies.  Graphic novels will still be distributed throughout the year and uploads will be restricted til Thursdays.

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