Top 10 Lightning Users in Anime

Coming at you guys with another post and in this one we’re taking a look at some anime lightning users.  Lightning based powers are my absolute favorite.

10. Sinbad (Magi)

After obtaining the Lightning Djinn, Baal, when he conquered the 1st Dungeon, Sinbad gains the ability to use lightning from his sword, which the Djinn dwells it.  As much as I hated the Magi series, I have to admit Sinbad is badass with the lightning. His powers are further enhanced when he utilizes his Djinn Equip.

9. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Yoruichi has a lightning-based technique that combines Hakuda with Kido called Shunko. This technique surrounds her back and arms with pressurized Kidō based on the element of lightning. This technique has several forms, each more powerful and taking a different form.

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8. Claudette Vance (Queen’s Blade)

Claudette wields the great sword Thunderclap, and is able to manifest lightning to further destroy her foes and make lightning rain down on her enemies. Now she can also use lightning through her hand without the use of her sword.

7. Gilthunder (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Gilthunder is greatly skilled in lightning magic, being able to use it both offensively and defensively. He can use his magic to further increase his physical capabilities, granting him extraordinary strength and agility. He can also channel his lightning magic through his sword.

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6. Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

Makoto’s primary abilities deal with electricity. Her first attack is “Supreme Thunder” where she uses a lightning rod in her tiara to channel lightning at her foe. She upgrades the ability to later become “Supreme Thunder Dragon” and “Super Supreme Thunder.” In the second arc, Jupiter channels her electricity into “Sparkling Wide Pressure” which she forms an electric sphere that is hurled at her opponent.

5. Zatch Bell (Zatch Bell!)

Zatch’s signature spell, Zaker, where he emits a powerful lightning from his mouth, strong enough to blast through solid stone. One zap can bring a person down. He also has develops the technique, Bao Zakeruga, where he summons an enormous dragon made of lightning that engulfs a target with its massive jaws.

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4. Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings)

Despite being a master swordsman, Date is capable of unleashing powerful lightning-based attacks.

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3. Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail)

Laxus’ signature is Lightning Magic over which he possesses great mastery and allows him to produce and manipulate lightning and electricity at his will, having complete control over its manifestation.

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2. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden)

Kakashi’s natural affinity is for Lightning Release, which he often channels a collection of lightning chakra in his hand that can pierce most targets that it is thrust into called the Chidori. He can also channel into weaponry to increase its cutting power.

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 1. Fourth Raikage (Naruto: Shippuden)

His signature ability, and the basis of his nintaijutsu, is the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, a layer of lightning chakra that surrounds his body and enhances his physical parameters and reflexes and also to minimise damage dealt by other lightning-based attacks.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know who your favorite lightning users are in anime.

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