Top 20 Vampires in Television

Vampires are beings from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence of the living.  Vampires are as impressive on television as they are on the big screen. Some of these vampires are good, some of them bad, some jumping between the lines. This is a list of my vampire characters in television (which includes miniseries).

20. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort (True Blood)

The vampire co-owner of Fangtasia, a vampire nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is Eric Northman’s progeny and second in command.  Loved her wit and charm.

Portrayed by: Kristin Bauer van Straten

19. Bill Compton (True Blood)

More commonly known as Bill or Vampire Bill he is the primary love interest of Sookie Stackhouse. He was formerly a confederate soldier living in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Bill was turned into a vampire around the year 1865. At the time of the Great Revelation, Bill had decided to “mainstream” and co-exist peacefully with humans.  Oh, Bill.  You’ve been as much a good guy as an asshole.

Portrayed by: Stephen Moyer

18. John Mitchell (Being Human UK)

A former WWI soldier, Mitchell was turned into a vampire by William Herrick, in order to spare the lives of his squad members.

Portrayed by: Aidan Turner

17. Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Spike (born William Pratt) was a famous and widely-feared vampire turned in 1880. He was well-known among both humans and demons for having faced and killed two Slayers during his unlife and for his history of torturing his victims with railroad spikes (which is rumored the moniker of “Spike” is derived from).

Portrayed by: James Marsters

16. William Herrick (Being Human UK)

William Herrick was an extremely powerful 168 year old vampire and mainly serves as the leader of the vampires based in Bristol.

Portrayed by: Jason Watkins

15. Mick St. John (Moonlight)

He is a vampire who works as a private investigator in Los Angeles, California. He is the ex-husband and vampire progeny of Coraline Duvall.

Portrayed by: Alex O’Loughlin

14. Kelly Goodweather (The Strain)

Ephraim Goodweather’s ex-wife who, after ignoring Eph’s warnings of the contagion, is infected and turned into a vampire.  Unfortunately, her novel counterpart suffers the same fate.  Despite her infection, she’s still pretty hot (at least until she begins transforming.  Ewww).

Portrayed by: Natalie Brown

13. Mina Murray (Penny Dreadful)

Mina Murray (married named Mina Murray Harker) was the daughter of Gladys and Sir Malcolm Murray, the younger sister of Peter Murray and long time former friend of Vanessa Ives, she was kidnapped and turned into a vampire by the Master.  The reason for the gang for coming together, Mina comes to Malcolm and Vanessa at various points to lure them.  When we see her in her vampire form, she’s cute with her jet black eyes and fangs.

Portrayed by: Olivia Llewellyn

12. Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq (True Blood)

The Vampire Queen of Louisiana.  I just love her spoiled, I’m a diva attitude.  She can be fun at times, but can be incredibly manipulative.  Not to mention she is one of the sexiest women not only in the show but on this list.

Portrayed by:  Evan Rachel Wood

11. The Master (The Strain)

Also known as Sariel, is the youngest of the seven original vampires called the Ancients. He is responsible for the strain of vampirism that spreads in New York City and the series’ central antagonist.  This dude is just straight-up a beast, especially his first form in the show.

Portrayed by: Robin Atkin Downes

10. Hal Yorke (Being Human UK)

An English vampire who has lived for more than 500 years, his age and power are sufficient that he is considered an Old One, though at the time of his appearance he has forsworn any allegiance to his own kind. He is notable in that as a Vampire, he had two personas that he switched between every few decades in cycles; one kind and good-natured, the other cruel, sadistic and evil.  Loved his character and the struggles he has to deal with.

Portrayed by: Damien Molony

9. Mr. Quinlan (The Strain)

Also known as Quintus “Quinlan” Sertorius he is a member of The Born, a rare vampire/human hybrid (dhampir). Despite being the “son” of the Master, he despises his father intensely, and so serves the three American Ancients as their chief bodyguard and hunter.  Of all the badass vampires in television, he kicks all kinds of ass although he kind of looks like Jared Nomak from Blade II.

Portrayed by: Rupert Penry-Jones

8. Russell Edgington (True Blood)

The former Vampire King of Mississippi, an almost 3,000 year old, ancient vampire who was formerly a Chancellor of the newly reformed Vampire Authority, considered by many to be the oldest, and most powerful vampire in existence, as well as the craziest.  He’s one of those villains that has so much charm and personality that it’s hard not to like the guy on some level.

Portrayed by: Denis O’Hare

7. Olivia Godfrey (Hemlock Grove)

Olivia Godfrey is the matriarch of the Godfrey family and formerly owned a share of the Godfrey Institute.  There’s no one more sadistic nor as manipulative as Olivia.  She will do anything to get what she wants, even if it means putting people in harms way.  Even her family.

Portrayed by: Famke Janssen

6. Kurt Barlow (Salem’s Lot)

Kurt Barlow was a Type-One vampire who terrorized the town of Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine after being shipped overseas by his assistant, Richard Straker. The two then take residence in the Marsten House, an abandoned house considered haunted by the townsfolk.  Barlow is a old time vampire and that’s what I like about him.

Portrayed by: Reggie Nalder

5. Eric Northman (True Blood)

Turned in 930AD, Eric is a 1,000 year old Vampire sheriff of Louisiana’s Area 5, which encompasses the small town of Bon Temps, Eric owns the vampire bar Fangtasia in the neighboring town of Shreveport.  Originally a douchebag, Eric does come around, showing a lot of depth to his character.  In some ways, I prefer Eric to Bill when it comes to the Sookie situation.

Portrayed by: Alexander Skarsgård

4. Bianca St. Claire (The Dresden Files)

Bianca is the owner and operator of the Velvet Room, a high-priced brothel as well as the head of the local Red Court coven.  Literally one of the most awesome characters of the series Bianca gets a star in my book, especially with her past relations with Dresden, who has an awesome choice of women.  She’s skilled, strong, and determined.

Portrayed by: Joanne Kelly

3. Lana Lang (Smallville)

In the fifth episode of season five Lana decides to enroll at Metropolis University at the last minute and is forced to join a sorority to find housing at such a late date. However, the house leader Buffy Sanders and her new sorority sisters turn her into a vampire and instruct her to kill Clark.  This is one of my favorite transformations of Lana in the series.  Not only is she beautiful but she is a sexy ass vampire.  Especially after she drinks Clark’s blood and fires heat vision from her eyes.

Portrayed by: Kristin Kreuk

2. Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)

Also known as Kisa and La Diosa, is a culebra and was enslaved by the Nine Lords at the Titty Twister, luring various people to the Titty Twister.  Santanico is absolutely stunning and I like the strength of her character.  True, she has a pretty shitty past especially since she was imprisoned for a few hundred years.

Portrayed by: Eiza González

 1. Aidan Waite (Being Human US)

Aidan Waite was a 261 year old vampire turned by Bishop in 1779 during the American Revolution, in which they were both soldiers. Aidan is seen as an anomaly in the vampire community since he has been attempting for the last several years to be a “clean” vampire and live off of blood bank bags instead of live blood. While many vampires look down on him because of this, many fear him due to his horrifying past reputation.  Aidan is one of my personal favorites because he is the definition of a vampire who is truly remorseful for his past actions.

Portrayed by: Sam Witwer

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