Kevin Bacon is Robert Englund’s Choice as New Freddy Krueger

With the massive success of 2017’s It, horror movies have definitely got to step their game up.  Having said that, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a great franchise such as the Elm Street franchise made in the same format.  A Nightmare on Elm Street star Robert Englund has expressed interest in seeing Kevin Bacon take on the mantel as the nightmarish slasher in the next reboot.

While a lot of longtime fans of the franchise wish to see Englund has made it clear that he’s done with the character.  Despite the negative critiques of the 2010 reboot, many fans found Jackie Earle Haley’s portrayal a good, more serious approach to the character though lacked the humor of the original.  Despite the financial success of the film, earning $115 million on a $35 million budget, New Line let any idea of a sequel go.  Englund has definitely let the world know his dislike of the remake.

Bacon is definitely an A-list actor, who has shown himself adept at playing bad guys (Sebastian Shaw in 2010’s X-Men: First Class, Sebastian Caine in 2000’s Hollow Man, and Jacques in 2010’s Super), but has also played in some great horror films such as Tremors, Hollow Man, and Stir of Echoes.  Kevin Bacon…the new Freddy Krueger…how awesome is that?

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