Fallout 5 Wishlist (Part 21-30)

Part 3 of our Fallout 5 Wishlist.

21. Online 4 Player Co-op

In the next incarnation there needs to be multiplayer. I’m not looking for an entire massive online game but like in the Borderlands and Borderlands 2, have the game support co-operative play for up to four people; the difficulty of the enemies as well as the quality of the loot drops scales with the number of players. But it’s easy to see why people (and I include myself) would want it.

22. Other Playable Races

Hell, even bring in a new subspecies to change things up a bit. Also, it is a great way of actually exploring the prejudices, division, and bigotry facing the post-apocalyptic society.  It would be totally cool if players take on being a ghoul, and having to deal with the benefits of being a ghoul as well as the prejudices.  Think about it, ghouls have the ability to heal and immunity from radiation, and possibly be able to communicate with other ghouls (potentially wild ones).

What about becoming a Super Mutant? Players would have increased strength and durability, immunity to radiation, can communicate with other super mutants and even control super mutant hounds and centaurs. But because of their size, super mutants can’t wear power armor. Even have players be able to be a synth (or at least part synth) and possibly have control over automatons, computers, and access to advance technology. Also, have dialogue from NPCs to reflect it.

Another possible outcome would be the Zetans.  How about being part Zetan with access to alien technology as well as increased perception and intelligence.  It would be a good road to travel down and a good way to make the Zetan’s canon.

23. New Game Engine

I will not hesitate to say, FO definitely needs to upgrade to better game engine. There are a lot of times where elements from the game just turn wacky or just plain ridiculous. Was playing FO3 a while back and while attempting to engage a deathclaw, the creature was literally cast into the air and out of sight.

Another time is when I was playing FO4 with companion Vincent when he came running behind as if he were riding a bike. The games have always had a lot of glitches and long loading times.

24. More Interactive Pipboy

While traveling the Wasteland, a player’s survival will be heavily dependent upon their Pipboy.  The Pipboy (Personal Information Processor) is an electronic device that contains a Geiger counter, Health status of the user, a radio, a map, a journal, and an inventory list for weapons, armor, and any supplies.  The Pipboy should also have various themes or colors.

The Pipboy should be more interactive; help hack terminals, track people or creatures.  In FO4, players were not only able to play games off holotapes, they used their Pipboy to open Vaults.  It would also be cool to be able to upgrade the Pipboy.  For those who are privy to using Power Armor, have it be more interactive with the power armor.

25. Nemesis-Like System

There definitely should be a nemesis-like system implemented into the game.  To better flesh out Raiders and Super Mutants (who are often used as cannon fodder compared to story driven characters), why not have this feature?  Have a hierarchy constructed for both groups and for those able to survive contact with or even kill the player, move up the ladder and become more powerful.

26. Level Cap

There definitely should be a level cap.  FO3 and NV forced players to be picky about what perks and skills to invest in, which helps with the replayability (although it is possible to have all the skills level up to 100 in FO3).

27. Clothing/Armor Customization and Repair

FO4 has spoiled fans with the awesome use of Power Armor and the ability to customize and repair it gave the gameplay a great sense of depth.  FO5 should bring back the Power Armor as well as FO4’s customization of armor.  To help give even more depth it, players should focus on repairing their armor as well as Power Armor.

First, this would help keep loot important as players would be able to breakdown components to repair their armor, similar to FO3 and NV.  Second, In FO4, armor can be modified using junk components that allow players to create new modifications, remove any existing modifications from armor, and apply any player character-owned modifications to armor.

28. In-Game Cutscenes/Cinematics

If there is one thing, Saints Row has taught me, it’s that cinematics can feature customized characters with no problem.  This could be a way of helping with the storytelling as well as fleshing out characters and certain scenarios in-game.  How much more impactful would the Lone Wanderer’s reunion with their father if it had been cinematic.  What about the Sole Survivor witnessing their spouse dying when Shaun is abducted or when the Sole Survivor is reunited with Shaun.  We definitely need some cutscenes.

29. Better Graphics

Now, FO4 is the best looking FO game to date but its isn’t saying much due to similar graphics being in FO3 and NV.  I’m not the one to crush the game for it’s graphics.  The FO games have so much exploration and content that the graphics can take a hit.  However, with the advancements of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the graphics should definitely be up to par.

30. Creature Interactions

We need to make more creature interactions in-game.  The biggest example of this are caravans who utilize Brahmin to carry their goods.  FO4 allows players to tame even the meanest of wasteland monsters (you never feel empowered until you’ve taken a deathclaw, behemoth, or mirelurk queen into battle).  However, it would’ve been better if players could interact with the creatures a bit more.  Perhaps ride them, or heal them.  Hell, look at the Antagonizer, she has the ability to command and control giant ants.  It would be totally awesome to control an army of ants.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what you think could be added to this list.

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