Fallout 5 Wishlist (Part 11-20)

Part 2 of our Fallout 5 Wishlist.

11. More Unique Weapons

We definitely need to bring back the unique weapons.  One of the best and most valuable weapons in any of the FO games is FO3’s Dart Gun, a weapon capable of crippling any creature (especially helpful with deathclaws).  How about the Rock-It-Launcher, Drone Cannon, Railway Rifle, and Mesmetron?  What about in NV? There’s the Tesla-Beaton Prototype, Golden Gloves, and Yao Guai Gauntlet.  Even in FO4 some unique weapons include Cryolator, Kremvh’s Tooth, Broadsider, and Junk Jet.

We don’t need legendary weapons (which are suped up versions of normal weapons), we need specific weapons that are different from all the others.  If the game features a hundred weapons then maybe ten weapons are the only of their kind with their own specific attributes and abilities.  The Cryolator is the reverse of the flamer in which it freezes its targets, the Broadsider fires cannon balls, and the Mesmetron which can momentarily stun targets.

12. Multiple Characters

Personally, I think the gameplay would be awesome if players are given more than one character to play as.  Have about three characters who either have their own stories but are still open to player changes or just have three blank slates and have the player modify them at their leisure.  One game that follows this model is Grand Theft Auto V, where players play as the three main protagonist, Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, each with their specific skill sets.

Also, there is the question of players controlling one at a time or playing as a three in a group (one player controlled the other two AI controlled) with players able to change perspective at will.  This would change up the dynamic of the companion system but it would also let players have more control of companions.

13. Companions

This is a subject that can’t be ignored. Companions are a pretty big part of the FO gaming experience.  FO3 and NV were bad but honestly, FO4 is probably the worst. I can’t tell you how many times my companions just up and disappear leaving me high and dry, sometimes to come back to me and others never to be found again.

It is annoying when I’m playing and in the middle of a firefight and my companions don’t fight or get in the way (especially blocking doors which FO4 does address by having the player push them out of the way). It would be cool for players to have tactical control of the behavior and combat which would help them to be less of a hassle.  Also, what about being able to level up companions or help them develop their skills.  Example, Boone is a sniper, therefore develop his sneak, accuracy, and proficiency with his weapons. Another example is Cait, who can develop her lock picking, melee, and weapons proficiency.

14. Perks and Skills

There are two things about the perks system that I’d like to address. First, I liked the perk system of FO3 and NV but I liked FO4 the best. The perk system in FO4 are merged with the skill system and are controlled by your stats; each time the player character gains a level they gain a perk point which can be expended to increase the rank of a primary SPECIAL attribute, or on one of the SPECIAL perks.

Second, bring back the magazines.  It’s always nice to help get extra perk points without having to do missions or fighting.  Loved this mechanic in FO3 and NV, but hated the fact that FO4 players could earn all perks, skills, and attributes if they played long enough.

15. More Tactical Enemy AI

Enemies do need to step their game up to force players to engage them in different ways. FO4 does address this in several ways, two examples of this are deathclaws and behemoths who both attack close range and long range depending on the tactics of the player. It would be nice for more of the human characters should utilize clever attack patterns and routines to draw players into a trap.

FO4’s creatures will attack players and if players get to a point where the creature can’t attack them, then they run off in an attempt to draw them out.  During the Lynn Woods mission, once the trigger is switched, two deathclaws will appear.  Posting on the tower, the deathclaws will run off but once players get to the ground floor they will attempt to attack.

16. Vault-Tec

One of the biggest aspects of the FO mythos is the mysterious Vault-Tec, a corporation that is responsible for all of the tech in the game.  They built everything from the vaults, to the advanced weaponry, to the robots.  Who is in charge of Vault-Tec?  Are they still active?  Where is the Vault-Tec main headquarters?  How did they influence the war?  Are they a secret society similar to the Institute?

There is a long running theory that the war was the result of Vault-Tec wanting to test out their experiments.   This is one of the biggest mysteries of FO and I think it would make for an interesting story to see them being brought into the spotlight.  In the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie the Umbrella Corporation was responsible for the unleashing the virus for both cleansing the planet and to work on their experiments.  Why shouldn’t this be the case for FO?

17. Settlements

FO4’s introduction to settlements was a much needed and a warm welcome to franchise.  However, the over abundance and highly repetitive missions did hurt it.  FO5 should definitely take this concept and iron out the wrinkles.  Players should have one or two settlements and nothing more.  Those two settlements should be built from the ground up and should reflect the actions of the players’ choices.

The settlement building shouldn’t be as loose, have some concepts that should be built and others be customizable preset options.  Settlements should have a chance to advance in technology, socially, weaponry, offensively, or defensive.  It could be a booming economy or a shanty town.  It could be Raider central.  It could only be catered to humans or cater to multiple species. Also, have the homes have several themes (Pre-War, Vault, Raider, Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, etc.).

18. Main Quest/Story

FO games are known for the hours of free exploration and even though the stories are interesting but not long enough. Yeah, it’s good to have a 10 -15 hour main quest this is a FO game, there needs to be more to the story. In every game there are one or two twists that changes the story but doesn’t extend the main quest enough.

19. Better Speech System

Regardless if the protagonist is voiced or not, we definitely need better dialogue options. FO4 does limit the dialogue to only four options instead of the extensive dialogue selections seen in previous games.

20. Weapon/Ammo Customization and Repair

Come on, weapon customization is awesome in any compacity.  NV gave us the ability to craft weapons with the use of the workbench.  Also, the “recycling” of residual expended flame and energy ammunition into fresh ammunition and the “conversion” of energy ammunition into other types of energy ammunition with the use of reloading bench.  They need to bring back the weapon repair kit which repairs the condition of your weapon based on your Repair skill level.

FO4 allowed players to modify their weapons. Weapon mods can be built from raw materials and attached to weapons at weapons workbenches, generally including sights, barrels, stocks, receivers, magazines and more.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what you think could be added to this list.

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