Fallout 5 Wishlist (Part 1-10)

Part 1 of our Fallout 5 Wishlist.

 1. New Location

Location is key and the FO series has definitely brought us some interesting locations.  FO3 brought us to the Capital Wasteland of the Washington, D.C. region, NV showed us the former Las Vegas, and FO4 left players exploring the Commonwealth known as Boston, Massachusetts.  With locations as awesome as these where can the series go next?

Now there has been some talk about new locations for FO5, many of them wanting to go over seas to other countries such as China, Russia, or England but I think the United States still has much to offer. There should be creatures specific to the location. For example, if taking place in New Orleans the culture would surround the belief of voodoo.

Also, new locations open up new location specific factions and creatures.  What if Fallout takes place on the moon on a scientific moon base, or in a Vault underground which opens up to a world underground (similar to the Hollow in Gears of War). Think about the creatures that could exist underground.

2.  Downloadable Content

Additional content brings new elements to the gameplay such as increasing the level cap, introducing new characters, new enemies to fight, and new weapons.Fallout 4‘s Automatron introduces players to the supervillain, The Mechanist, whose robot army is ravaging the Commonwealth. This dlc gives players a new robot companion named Ada (who’s freaking awesome by the way), new robot enemies to fight, the ability to build custom made robots, a new “settlement”, and a new raider gang called the Rust Devils who are robot themed and use robots to fight.

I would also like to see some dlc that introduces a new area of map as well as new creature variants of creatures in the area, new weapons, missions, a new companion (I’ll always go back to Ada who is freaking awesome), and a new faction or two to help spice things up. Broken Steel actually gave us a war between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave.

3. Combat

I don’t care what anyone says, I loved the combat system in FO4.  Perhaps with an upgrade, the system would allow for a cover system similar to Mass Effect. In the new Fallout game, there should be a combination of sorts. In the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, players are given the choice of chooses between the top-down (featured in Dragon Age: Origins) and the action oriented (featured in Dragon Age II) combat.  This concept should appeal to fans who had issues with Fallout 4‘s more fast paced combat system.

Another interesting aspect that could possibly reintroduce more tactical features to the combat while keeping it fast paced is possibly being able to assign certain targets to companions.  Or possibly have the companions target specific parts of a particularly difficult enemy.  Fallout 4‘s combat system probably wasn’t a good move in the RPG area but it definitely kept the battles intense, which I liked.  Fallout 4 had the best combat system hands down and should be implemented into the game.  However, some improvements could’ve been made to the melee combat.  Perhaps if players equip a sword or a bat, probably add shields to help with the defense.  Even with being able to dual wield weapons.

4. Better Side Quests

We need more interesting and unique quests, no more of these repetitive missions.  Perhaps there are missions where players have to be more stealthy, more spy and espionage themed where shooting your way in or out won’t work. This is Fallout.  We definitely need to have some more special and interesting missions.  I know we’re in the wasteland and everything is a threat and the land is desolate but we can still have the extraordinary missions and quests to embark on.

There are three categories of missions: main story, side quests, and dlc missions.  The main story missions should focus on progressing and expanding upon the main story.  Side quests often flesh out the world of the game, offering more insight into characters and backstory.  Downloadable content, like regular side quests, can often flesh out the world or even add to the content of the game. Even in Fallout 4 one of the most memorable missions in the game is the mission where the Minutemen do battle with the Mirelurks for control of the castle.  Completely epic. We need more quests like this in the next installment.

Hell, in FO4 there is the Combat Zone which should’ve allowed players to bet or compete or the Robot race which should’ve allowed players to bet or compete.

5. Different Factions

Raiders should be an actual faction, or have several factions.  Also, there should be a cast system similar to the one in Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor where players take on generals who are vie for power.  Also, joining one crew will put you at odd with the others.  Also, have a better balanced system when picking which ones should be joined, allied, or shunned.  It would be awesome to allow players to develop in rank through various missions or be able to ally other factions as well as pit them against each other.  There should be new factions especially with new location and possibly remnants of Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, or Institute.  If the game is set in a cold region have some tribal clan that has domesticated a variant of Yai Guai.  In New Orleans, a voodoo themed gang.

6. Creatures

There are some classic FO creatures including mirelurks, radscorpions, super mutants, deathclaws, and zetans.  But should these well-known creatures return for the next game?  True, like any animal they have their specific environments that they like to live in. But a change of location will introduce new creatures and also new variants. For example, FO3 has the humanoid mirelurks, while NV has no mirelurks (except for the lakelurks that look like mirelurk kings), while FO4 have mirelurk variants.

7. Exploration

Should there be more exploration or less.  I’m all for an open world experience where players can travel across a vast map.  But is it really necessary to have such a vast map.  Couldn’t have a smaller map but have it more content filled.  Say if the map is a city, have more excess to the buildings, sewers, and more detail to settlements.

And especially more significant and memorable locations.  In FO3, NV, and FO4 there are several locations that are creature specific, Deathclaw Sanctuary, Spectacle Island, Quarry Junction, Vault 87, The Glowing Sea, Silver Peak Mine, and the USS Constitution which is stuck on top of a building.

8. Voiced Protagonist

I don’t mind keeping the voiced protagonist. Some players will want to see a silent protagonist because it makes the story and gameplay more about the players rather than the main protagonist. I personally feel it works either way but it’s great for the story to revolve around the main character which FO4 establishes well. One note I would like to make is that the voice should fit the dialogue and situation (anger, joy, fear, defeat, etc.).

9. Survival Mode

NV has the best survival or hardcore mode.  In this mode, stimpaks and other healing items heal over time instead of all at once, RadAway removes radiation over time in a similar manner, ammunition has weight, and players must stay hydrated, eat periodically, and have a regular sleep cycle. Limbs can only be restored by some kind of limb repair or by visiting an actual doctor. Sleeping does not heal health points or crippled limbs, unless it’s in an owned bed or having the Roughin’ It perk. In addition, recruited companions can die permanently.

10. Consequences/Choice/Morality

The Karma point system in FO3 had players balancing between being a saint and being a douchebag, NV had players balancing choices between different factions, and FO4 kinda has a similar system. We need a system that shows the game world what kind of a person you are. Yes, it’s great to have a Karma system in play, but also involve a system that has players balancing factions.

If you’re a douchebag, people might shun you but raiders might want to do business but civilians won’t let you into their towns. Being good has civilians in your corner while bad guys look at you like a threat. Also, if you’re bad it is difficult to have a relationship with the BOS while being good puts them in your corner. Definitely bring some cause-and-effect system.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what you think could be added to this list.

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