Final Fantasy IX vs. Final Fantasy VII

These two games are two of my favorite RPG action games and definitely helped to make the PlayStation as big and prominent as it was.  Both great titles in their own right, this post will definitely pit them against each other.  While researching for this post I noticed how polarized the fans are.  There are three types of fans, those who like Final Fantasy VII, those who like Final Fantasy IX, and those who like both.

Which game is better, Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy IX?

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Final Fantasy has definitely had its share of interesting stories and these two games are no exception.  Final Fantasy VII takes the win for the best story due to its dark story and epic ending.  It definitely takes the game to some pretty dark places.  True, Final Fantasy IX has an interesting story that even branches off world but VII is more memorable with more memorable moments.

Winner: Final Fantasy VII


This one is really hard.  Both games do feature some really cool, likable, and interesting characters.  Even their villains are pretty cool with interesting backstories.  Even when it comes to the relationship between the main protagonists (Cloud Strife/Zidane Tribal) and the main antagonists (Sephiroth/Kuja) are pretty solid and how their bonded is unique.  I will say that IX does have a little more development with their characters especially with Zidane, Dagger, and Vivi.

Winner: both


Final Fantasy IX takes the win on nearly every level.  True, the character designs for VII are cool but IX’s presentation is leagues better (and of course this is due to it being developed years later).  VII’s graphics haven’t aged well at all with the character models being poor but IX’s do remain highly detailed both in terms of in-game, environments, battles, and the cinematics.  Now it could be said that the characters of IX do have a more cartoonish look to them.

Winner: Final Fantasy IX


Again, we have a category where I’m undecided between the two games.  I really enjoyed VII’s soundtrack and there are some well-known songs; for example “The One Winged Angel“.  IX’s songs are pretty memorable as well although it does take classical, medieval theme with its focus on woodwinds, strings, and keyboard.  I’ve collected about the same amount of songs from both games and find them enjoyable.

Winner: both


This is another point where it’s kind of hard to decide.  VII has a futuristic world with a punk, science fiction setting while IX has a more medieval, fantasy setting.  Both games have expansive worlds with tons of places to explore and rich backstories.  One thing that helps differentiate IX from VII is the fact that there are other non-human races (Burmecians, dwarves, black mages, Genomes, Terrans, Summoners) outside of humans with their own unique origins, cultures, and customs.

Winner: Final Fantasy IX

Battle Systems

The battles systems for both are pretty similar but they do have their differences.  VII utilizes it’s Materia system, which all characters can equip gems called Materia into weapons and armor that gives access to spells and abilities.  IX takes a more traditional approach with the characters being more class specific (Zidane is a theif, Dagger a summoner, Quina a blue mage, etc.) and abilities are learned through equipment with active and passive abilities.  The Materia system does allow for more customization when it comes to building teams but IX’s does feel more character specific, more unique.

Winner: Final Fantasy VII

Mini Games and Side Quests

For the most part, players will get a kick out of all of the various side quests and mini games.  IX’s Tetra Master card-game is incredibly addictive especially since various characters will play you.  Also, there is the Chocobo Hot and Cold. VII features a lot of mini games and side quests to embark on.  Some of its most prominent mini games are Snowboarding, Chocobo Racing, Chocobo Breeding (which actually helps during the racing as well as exploration), Fort Condor, and the awesome G Bike.  There are plenty of other mini games in Wonder Square in the Gold Saucer (Basketball, Mog House, Wonder Castcher, 3D Battler, etc.).

Winner: Final Fantasy VII

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know which game is your favorite.

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