Fallout 5 Needs Better Quests

This is Fallout.  We definitely need to have some more special and interesting missions.  I know we’re in the wasteland and everything is a threat and the land is desolate but we can still have the extraordinary missions and quests to embark on.

There are three categories of missions: main story, side quests, and dlc missions.  The main story missions should focus on progressing and expanding upon the main story.  Side quests often flesh out the world of the game, offering more insight into characters and backstory.  Downloadable content, like regular side quests, can often flesh out the world or even add to the content of the game.

One of the best missions in Fallout 3 is The Superhuman Gambit.  In the streets of Canterbury Commons, the Lone Wanderer happens upon a citizens being antagonized by a war between two very unique individuals, The AntAgonizer and the Mechanist.  These two costumed vigilantes share insults before the AntAgonizer’s ant guards and the Mechanist’s robots fight before the two escape.  From here on, players have the choice of killing both, helping either against the other, or convincing both to stop.  These two are some special characters and their layers do a good job of reflecting their themes.  It’s nice seeing the wackiness of the wasteland.  It’s only too bad that these two characters didn’t have a presence in the game.

There Stands the Grass is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. The Courier is sent to Vault 22 to retrieve some important agricultural data that could potentially prevent famine. When descending into the metallic interior, players find that the Vault has a terrible secret.  Mutated vegetation has taken over the Vault as well as its residents.  As players descend down into the Vault’s depths players learn that in an effort to end possible famine and turn the wasteland into a paradise accidentally infects the residents and mutates plants.  The story is pretty interesting and the enemies (Giant Mantises, Spore Carriers, and Spore Plants) are unique and different.  Also, it focuses on a morale dilemma that brings the choice system into the play.

Another mission in Fallout 3 that stands out is Tranquility Lane.  The Lone Wanderer picks up their father’s trail that eventually leads them to Vault 112.  What makes this Vault special is that all of the Vault’s residents are strapped into virtual reality pods.  Getting into the pod, the Lone Wanderer is taken into Tranquility Lane, a community that is seemingly perfect.  However, players meet Betty (who is actually the Vault Overseer in disguise) who controls the program and enjoys watching the others’ pain.

In Fallout 4, one of the best and most stand out side quest is The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution.  In the game, the Sole Survivor comes across the USS Constitution which is stuck on top of a building.  Climbing aboard the Sole Survivor discovers that the ship has been commandeered by a bunch of pre-war robots that want to fly the ship into the air and then back in the ocean.  Not only is this a pretty interesting concept but to sweeten the deal players have to defend the ship from looters who want the goodies on board the ship.  Players can either side with the robots or the looters.  Sure there is a lot of running around, retrieving items, and defending against looters but if you help the robots the ending has a pretty surprising twist.

Even in Fallout 4 one of the most memorable missions in the game is the mission where the Minutemen do battle with the Mirelurks for control of the castle.  Completely epic. We need more quests like this in the next installment.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what your thoughts are on the missions in Fallout 5.

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