Fallout 5 Needs to Have Better DLC

The Fallout games have been praised for their high level of exploration and replayability. But it’s the additional content that just adds to the awesome gaming experience. Fallout’s downloadable content is actually pretty good. They fall into two categories: additional content and expansion.

Additional content brings new elements to the gameplay such as increasing the level cap, introducing new characters, new enemies to fight, and new weapons. Fallout 4‘s Automatron introduces players to the supervillain, The Mechanist, whose robot army is ravaging the Commonwealth. This dlc gives players a new robot companion named Ada (who’s freaking awesome by the way), new robot enemies to fight, the ability to build custom made robots, a new “settlement”, and a new raider gang called the Rust Devils who are robot themed and use robots to fight.

Expansive content brings new locations, locations with their own areas and hours of exploration.  Some locations include their own unique stories as well as extensions of the main story line.  Lonesome Road in Fallout: New Vegas took players into “The Divide” where fierce enemies lie in wait around every corner (and when I say enemies I mean an army of Deathclaws among other creatures). This dlc not only grants players a ton of exploration with a very large map but also side stories involving the eyebot companion ED-E and more exposition of the “Platinum Chip”.

The best expansive dlc allows players to come and go as they please but some are one time gigs and once you beat them you can never go back. Such was the case of Fallout 3‘s Operation Anchorage and Fallout: New VegasDead Money.

Fallout 5‘s dlc should be a good balance of both. Provide some interesting locations for players to be able to explore. Not really a fan of the idea of Fallout being set in another country, I would support the idea of the dlc taking place in another country. Places like Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Rome, and London seem like ideal candidates for dlc locations.

I would also like to see some dlc that introduces a new area of map as well as new creature variants of creatures in the area, new weapons, missions, a new companion (I’ll always go back to Ada who is freaking awesome), and a new faction or two to help spice things up. Broken Steel actually gave us a war between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave.

I’ll even take it step further. Have dlc content that not only adds to the factions of the game but also for your companions.  It would’ve been great to backstory on Jericho, Lily, or Preston. Have some personal side quests to help make them more interesting. What if there had been additional content for Caeser’s Legion to actually discover new land or to plunder or even go to another area on a mission.  Far Harbor does a fantastic job of fleshing out the Children of the Atom.

These are just some ideas and concepts concerning dlc that should be explored.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what are your ideas when it comes to possible dlc for Fallout 5.

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