New Location Ideas for Fallout 5

In the below post, I’m going to come up with four locations that FO5 should take place while introducing modes of travel, possible creatures, and points of interest.

Manhattan, New York – Manhattan could potentially be the biggest Fallout game. A great location with with grand sites such as Madison Square Garden, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Central Park could be a good location as a home for a specific creature such as Mirelurks, Deathclaws, Giant Mantis, Floaters, and Bloodbugs due to the trees, large open spaces, and water spots.  Manhattan is an island so  Also, there should be more water based creatures outside of Mirelurks.   It would also be cool to explore the subway underground as well as the high lines. There would be plenty of buildings to explore.

New Orleans, Louisiana – There is the bayou and swamplands.  Great for reintroducing creatures such as the Mirelurks, Bloodbugs, Anglers, Fogcrawlers, Bloatflies, and Gatorclaws.    Point Lookout was actually pretty good idea similar to this concept.  Some great locations that would stick out such as the French Quarter, Burbon Street, St. louis Cathedral and the Superdome.  Travel could be emphasized through streetcars or horse driven carriages.  Also, there are the massive mansions that could used for settles or for exploration. Think about it, New Orleans culture focuses on voodoo so why not have a faction based on it.

Juneau, Alaska – If not for a total cultural shift then an environmental one.  If would be cool to see the game take place in a cold environment.  Some areas could be off limits due to the area being too cold, similar to highly irradiated areas.  There are the possible creatures to be considered.  One of the most prominent creatures of course would be the Yao Guai, the species of mutated bears.  It would be cool to see Deathclaws with fur, that look similar to the yeti or Sasquatch.  It would also be cool to see mutated creatures called Wendigos in FO’s interpretation.  Modes of travel could include the tramway, zip-lining, or skiing.  Some pretty cool attractions would include Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska State Capitol, Elder Rock Light, and the Devi’s Paw.

Chicago, Illinois – Another great city that would be a great setting for a Fallout game.  Not only is Chicago a large city but it has a lot of countryside that would great for exploring.  There are some pretty awesome points of interests including Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Museum of Science and Industry, Lincoln Park, Wrigley Field, and Garfield Park among many.  The Shedd Aquarium would be cool as a nest for Mirelurks or other watery creatures.  There is also the historical value that would make it feel more American.

Other possible locations include:

Seattle, Washington

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Miami, Florida

Austin, Texas

San Francisco, California

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know what other locations that should be considered.

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