Top 10 Valiant Comics Characters

Welcome to another great top 10 list.  We’re going back to the comics and taking a look at the top 10 Valiant Comics characters.

1. Ninjak

The man known as Colin King, codenamed Ninjak, is one of the United Kingdom’s best intelligence operatives and one of the world’s deadliest men.

2. Livewire

A psionic teletechnopath, able to control machines with force of will alone, Amanda McKee was orphaned at a young age, and sent to live in a group home. It was there that billionaire visionary and founder of the Harbinger Foundation, Toyo Harada, discovered her and took her into his care, rescuing her from the abusive environments of her early life.

3. Rai

Rai is the spirit guardian that protects the nation of Japan in the 41st century.

4. Flamingo

Charlene Dupre, dubbed Flamingo, is a member of the Renegades. A southern belle who has the ability to control and generate flames.

5. Gunslinger

Gunslinger, aka Major Charles Palmer, is the leader of H.A.R.D. Corps Apex team.

6. Roku

Roku is a martial artist assassin who becomes an adversary to Ninjak. She is employed by the Weaponeer organization (as a bodyguard for Kannon) and a member of the mysterious Shadow Seven.

7. Bloodshot

A violent but heroic super-soldier with nanites in his blood that give him special powers. These powers include superhuman physicality, the ability to regenerate from any wound if he consumes enough matter, the ability to alter his body shape, and the ability to communicate with machines. His body was engineered by the secret government organization Project Rising Spirit to turn him into a living weapon.

8. Toyo Harada

Toyo Harada is head of the Harbinger Foundation and the most powerful telekinetic in the world. He has vast mental powers including telepathy, telekinesis and mind-control. Harada wants to make the world a better place – as long as it’s under his control!

9. Doctor Mirage

Valiant Comics’ reboot shows the character as Shan Fong, a woman with similar origins to the original Hwen Fong, who seeks to restore her ghostly husband Hwen.

10. X-O Manowar

Abducted by aliens in 5th-century Europe, Aric of Dacia took control of one of their greatest weapons, the X-O Manowar armor. Returning to Earth where centuries had passed due to time-space relativity, Aric finds himself a barbarian in a “civilized” world, possessing the galaxy’s most advanced weapon.

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