Top 10 Image Comics Characters

Welcome to another great top 10 list.  We’re going back to the comics and taking a look at the top 10 Image Comics characters.

1. Michonne

A sword-wielding survivor of the living dead plague.

2. The Dragon

The Dragon is a large, finned, green-skinned humanoid whose powers include super-strength and an advanced healing factor. He is also an amnesiac.  He is a police officer and battles the mutant criminal “superfreaks” that terrorize Chicago, Illinois.

3. Spawn

A highly trained assassin, murdered by his employer and former friend Chapel. Albert ”Al” Francis Simmons sold his soul to Malebolgia, one of the many rulers of the Hell, in order to see his wife Wanda Blake again.

4. The Maxx

A mysterious, foul smelling, cartoon loving, Pez eating, self appointed hero to his social worker, Julie.

5. The Darkness

Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado, who, on his 21st birthday, became the bearer of the Darkness, an elemental force that allows access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the demons who dwell there.

6. The Violator

Violator is the oldest and most powerful of five hell-born demons known as the Phlebiac Brothers, and his main purpose is to guide Hellspawns towards fulfilling Satan’s desire: to cultivate Evil souls on Earth for Hell’s army.

7. Bomb Queen

The Queen is a villainess who has eliminated and subsequently banned all superheroes from the fictional city of New Port City. She rules the city as a dictator; the limitations she has placed over the city’s criminals have made her a popular leader.

8. Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes was formerly a police officer in the small, peaceful town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. After being wounded in a shoot-out and waking up from a coma after a month. Now he has become a reluctant figurehead of a group fighting to survive a world where the dead no longer stay dead.

9. Cassie Hack

Cassie Hack is the lone survivor of an attack by a slasher called the Lunch Lady… A slasher who happened to be her own mother! Now Cassie travels the world with her monstrous partner and friend, Vlad, hunting down and destroying slashers wherever they find them!

10. Shaft

Field leader of Youngblood, Jeff Terrell is a master marksman.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below let us know who your favorite Image Comics characters are.

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