Who’s Your Favorite Fallout 3 Companion?

One thing about the Fallout games that makes them so great (and so frustrating) are the companions.  These characters aid the Lone Wanderer as they search the Capital Wasteland for their father, James.  These are the awesome companions of Fallout 3.

Star Paladin Cross

Quote: “I shall reflect on battles past and battles to come until your return.”

Description: A Brotherhood Paladin, acting as both bodyguard and trusted adviser to Elder Lyons, at the Brotherhood base at the Citadel.

Butch DeLoria

Quote: “I can show you a real Tunnel Snake, Amata.”

Description: A resident of Vault 101 and the leader of the greaser gang, the Tunnel Snakes.


Quote: “Can I do something for you? Or…to you?”

Description: A prostitute and slave of Eulogy Jones.

Sergeant RL-3

Quote: “There’s nothing I love more than making some other poor bastard die for his country.”

Description: Mister Gutsy robot that was created before the Great War.


Quote: “Thank Christ. I thought I was gonna grow a fourth arm sitting next to all this fucking radiation.”

Description:  Jericho is a retired raider living in Megaton.


Quote: “In all things, a calm heart must prevail.”

Description: An outsider among his kin, having regained his civility and intelligence following the rigors of his mutation, Fawkes is a Vault 87 super mutant.


Description: An affectionate and dexterous puppy gifted with scavenging and ferocious skills whose previous owner was killed by raiders.


Quote: “You purchased my contract from Ahzrukhal?  So, I am no longer in his service.  That is good to know.”

Description: A ghoul bouncer of The Ninth Circle and the personal bodyguard and soldier of Ahzrukhal.

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