Scorpion vs. Spawn vs. Ghost Rider


Hell, Hellfire, the Netherrealm; nearly everything about the dark underworld and its many interpretations are pretty cruel but just as cool and nothing is cooler than many of the great characters spawned from it.  Whether they’re cursed to serve or resurrected out of vengeance these badboys are some of the best and notable in the media.  In this post, we’re pitting three total badasses created from the remnants of Hell itself.


Mortal Kombat

“Scorpion” is the alias of Hanzo Hasashi, formerly one of the finest warriors of a Japanese ninja clan, called the Shirai Ryu.  After he was killed by Sub-Zero, a member of a rival clan of Chinese assassins known as the Lin Kuei, Scorpion became a hellspawned revenant residing in the Netherrealm, seeking revenge against those responsible for the death of his wife and son as well as the destruction of his clan.  Scorpion appears human when masked, but only his skull remains when in his true form, sometimes ablaze.  Scorpion is mostly associated with hellfire which makes it immune to it and the fact that he is a spectre means that he is immune to death as well.  He can also teleport as well as open portals. His most recurring weapon is the Spear, a kunai attached to a sturdy rope, representing Scorpion’s “Stinger”. At times, the spear is empowered with hellfire for more power.


Image Comics

Lt. Colonel Albert Francis “Al” Simmons was a Force Recon Marine and a highly trained assassin working for the CIA who was killed by his partner Bruce Stinson.  Because he knowingly killed innocents while working for the CIA, his soul was sent to Hell where he makes a deal with an evil being known as Malebolgia: in exchange for his soul, he would get to see his wife Wanda, once again.  He is then transformed into a demonic creature hellspawn, and sent into the world learning that five years have passed since his death and his wife has move on and marries his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, and that they have a daughter, Cyan.  Spawn’s necroplasmic physiology grants him supernatural strength, speed, endurance, regeneration, and agility.  He is immortal in a sense, however his powers are limited and do drain with every use and full drainage of his powers equals death as well as being beheaded by a weapon of heaven or by magic.  Other demonic abilities include teleportation, shapeshifting, necroplasmic energy projection, flight, mind reading, soul manipulation, time manipulation, manipulation of the elements, portal creation, invisibility and resurrection.  Due to its connection to his nervous system, Spawn is able to shift its shape to manifest spikes, armor plating, or transform the shroud into a battle axe.

Ghost Rider

Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider is the alias of stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze (and several other characters to bare the name) who exchanged his soul to “Satan” (later revealed to be an arch-demon named Mephisto) in order to save the life of his father.  Having failed to take Blaze’s soul, Mephisto bonded him with the demon Zarathos as an act of revenge for not being able to obtain Johnny’s soul for himself, forced to punish the wicked and evil upon Mephisto’s demands whenever needed.  Whenever he was in the presence of evil he would transform into the Ghost Rider, to exact the devil’s revenge, returning the evil to Hell.  As Ghost Rider, Blaze possesses superhuman strength and is near invulnerable to physical damage.  Due to his physiology being composed of pure hellfire, he can use it to quickly recover or regenerate lost limbs or holes in his body.  The supernatural flame hellfire is also used as his main form of attack which he can use to burn the soul as well as the body.  Another weapon in his arsenal is his chain, which he can control with his mind, allowing it to do things normal chains cannot such as reach vast distances and is even seemingly unbreakable.  His most powerful ability is the Penance Stare where he locks eyes with his victim, making them experience all the emotional pain and suffering that they have inflicted on everyone in their lifetime, permanently damaging their soul in the process.

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