Top 10 Ada Quotes in Fallout 4

fallout-4-adaAda is a robotic companion in the Commonweath available with Fallout 4‘s add-on Automatron.  She is a heavily armed assaultron robot, created by a trader named Jackson, who unfortunately perished at the hands of the Mechanist who’s robots raged across the Commonwealth.

  • “Traveling with you has proven to be quite…uplifting.”

  • “I trust you’re enjoying my company. You and i make quite an effective team”

  • “No, I can’t. I’m fairly certain that my original creator had grander plans for me other than becoming a pile of debris.”

  • “What can I do for you?”

  • “I’d be happy to help if I can.”

  • “Glad to be of service.”

  • “Sorry, no can do. That switch was disabled when I was built. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me this way.”

  • “I hope I’ve done nothing to offend you, sir. Have a pleasant journey.”

  • ‘Excellent. I’ll endeavor to do my best.”

  • “I’d prefer to remain by your side, but I’ll abide by your command.”

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