Top 6 Werewolves in Video Games

Now whether they’re able to transform into a wolf, go full werewolf, or just take on some attributes of wolves, they’re the best (or at least my favorite) and they’re on this list.  Today we’re counting down my top six favorite werewolf characters in video games.

6. Aela the Huntress

Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Aela the Huntress (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

5. Link

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


4. Zylo

Game: Shining Force


3. Jon Talbain

Game: Darkstalkers


Description: Jon Talbain is an English werewolf born to a lycanthopic and a human mother.

2. Sabrewulf

Game: Killer Instinct


Description: Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf, often known as jus Sabrewulf, is a Count who was afflicted with a rare disease, Lycanthropy. Although he has spent most of his life as a recluse, he enters the Killer Instinct tournament on the promise of a cure if he is victorious.

 1. Bigby Wolf

Game: The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

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