Top 15 Marco Polo Characters

One of the best fictional historical shows of all time and with it some great and memorable characters.  Whether they’re motivated by love, a lust for power, loyalty, or honor; this series has garnered fifteen favorites and in this post, we’re going to list those fifteen.

15. Yusuf


Portrayed by: Amr Waked

14. Nergui/Kokachin


Portrayed by: Zhu Zhu

13. Shakana


Portrayed by: Jacqueline Chan

12. Kublai Khan


Portrayed by: Benedict Wong

One of the coolest rulers although he has established himself as quite a dick at times.  Can’t count the number of times he has wronged others, especially those close to him, due to his ego.

11. Byamba


Portrayed by: Uli Latukefu

10. Empress Dowager


Portrayed by: Kheng Hua Tan

9. Kaidu


Portrayed by: Rick Yune

8. Prince Jingim


Portrayed by: Remy Hii

I was just as surprised to Jingim made the list.  In season one, he came off as a bit of a spoiled whinny brat.  However, during the resolution he does undergo a very strong developing arc.  In season two, his character is more humble, more likable, and the definitely has that award winning smile.

7. Jia Sidao


Portrayed by: Ng Chin Han

It has been established that without a doubt Jia Sidao is just a dick.  What seems like a pretty dark character just keeps getting darker and more unlikable with his many unspeakable actions.  It is more than satisfying when he gets a big dose of karma.  But having said that, he has demonstrated himself to a more than capable tactician and manipulator as well as his proficiency with the Mantis fighting style.

6. Khutulun


Portrayed by: Claudia Kim

One of the most pronounced female characters in the series.  Khutulun has that warrior look about her that not only adds to her good looks but confident and thrill seeking attitude.  It comes as no surprise that she could probably take on more than ninety-five percent of the male cast and not break a sweet.  Despite the many emotional setbacks in season two she is still a badass and quite enjoyable to watch.

5. Marco Polo


Portrayed by: Lorenzo Richelmy

4. Empress Chabi


Portrayed by: Joan Chen

It is said that behind every great man is a great woman (or something like that) and Empress Chabi shows that greatness like no other.

3. Lotus


Portrayed by: Michelle Yeoh

2. Mei Lin


Portrayed by: Olivia Chen

 1. Hundred Eyes


Portrayed by: Tom Wu

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