Top 10 Fallout 3 Characters

10. Harold

Fallout 3 - Harold

Harold is perhaps one of the top examples of how twisted the world has become. He is a man whose mutation has grown and grown which eventually turns him into a mutated tree that can talk. Although his appearance and backstory make him a sympathetic character, he does have personality and is probably one of the most standout characters in the Fallout universe. Unfortunately, he does request players to kill him, which players can either do by burning him or destroying his heart.

9. Betty/Dr. Stanislaus Braun

Fallout 3 - Stanislaus Braun

This character pops up in a mission in which the player enters a simulation. In the simulation, players encounter Betty, a creepy little girl who controls the simulation and all the inhabitants within it. Betty is actually Dr. Braun, a scientist who wanted him and all the vault residents to live forever in the simulation. However, after gaining immortality, he learned that living forever is boring, which he quells by asking the player to commit malicious acts. What makes him so creepy is the fact that he takes the form of an innocent little girl (she looks more creepy than innocent). Not too many characters have such a creepy factor to them, and this is why he makes it on this list.

8. Three Dog

Fallout 3 - Three Dog

The radio host with the most, Three Dog delivers his message across the Capital Wasteland with charisma and style. Not only does the character have a great personality but he does a great job of informing the land of the players exploits (whether good or bad).

7. Bittercup

Fallout 3 - Bittercup

One of the survivors and residents of Big Town, Bittercup is the game’s Gothic character. It is hilarious hearing her talk about about how lame things are. Truthfully, she probably would’ve made a great companion as well as possible love interest.

6. The AntAgonizer

Fallout - AntAgonizer

This is another character in the game that is pretty creative. Her beef with the Mechanist does bring a pretty cool comic book/superhero feel. Not to mention someone being able to control giant ants is pretty cool. Now whether players convince her to stop her evil deeds or simply kill her is up to them, but it is satisfying seeing her drop the persona and overcome her hatred of humanity.

5. Mayor MacCready

Fallout 3 - Mayor MacCready

Although a child, he does show a lot of promise when it comes to being a leader. Adamant that Camp Lamplight stay adult free, he isn’t without reason. He is pretty cool and in a world of cruel survivors, harsh environments, and deadly monsters, it’s cool to know that the children have a good leader.

4. Moira Brown

Fallout 3 - Moira Brown

Although she is a bit of a twit, she has a kind heart and has good intentions. Moira is the owner of Craterside Supply and is an inventor. She is currently writing a book called the Wasteland Survival Guide which she hopes to inspire and help others to survive in the wasteland. She does ask the player to do certain missions to acquire information for her research.

3. Sentinel Sarah Lyons

Fallout 3 - Sarah Lyons

What makes Sarah a candidate for this list is because she is one of the most prominent figures of the Brotherhood of Steel and leader of the Lyons Pride. Players first meet her fighting a super mutant behemoth outside of the Galaxy News Radio Station. She’s fierce in combat and has a serious attitude. Passing annoying dialogue with her is often fun.

2. James

Fallout 3 - James

James is the Lone Wanderer’s father and also is Vault 101’s resident doctor. Like so many people in the wasteland, James has hopes of helping humanity to survive in the Apocalypse, except he has started Project Purity, a plan to purify the waters of the Tidal Basin. What makes him number two is the fact that despite the grand scheme of things, his mind and heart were on bettering life for his child. Despite his death, his legacy still lives on saving the lives of countless people.

1. Amata

Fallout 3 - Amata

Amata deserves the number one spot because throughout all of the Lone Wanderer’s adventures, throughout all the battles, throughout the dark days and long nights. The love of the Lone Wanderer’s childhood friend in Vault 101 keeps their head clear and focused. Next to James, Amata is one of the few characters in the game with any emotional ties to the Lone Wanderer. Her kindness throughout those years in the Vault and her assistance in helping the Lone Wanderer escape we still hold it in our hearts.

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