Top 10 Characters in Bitten

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another top 10 character list.  In this post, we’re taking ten of the best and most standout characters in the supernatural television series, Bitten, a series following a female werewolf named Elena Michaels and her pack as they deal with various threats.

10. Zachary Cain

Performer: Noah Danby

The thing about Cain that is most prominent is his dirtbag personality.  Is he vicious, cold, and defiant? Yes.  But he does become a bit of a sympathetic character, considering his girlfriend looks like a pile of human and wolf, and even turns over a new leaf (if that can be said).

9. Jeremy Danvers

Performer: Greg Bryk

Jeremy is one of those characters where sometimes you love him and sometimes you hate him. There are moments where he shows good guy qualities but in others he just comes off as being a dick.  Still his calm demeanor and stoic features make him mysterious and awesome.

8. The Albino

Performer: Oliver Becker

Literally one of the biggest douchebags of the show and probably the most memorable of antagonist.  The Albino is cunning, dangerous, and unpredictable which makes him a very entertaining and standout character.

7. Karl Marsten

Performer: Pascal Langdale

Didn’t think much of him in his first appearance but the character does show he has depth.  Though not a fighter he is incredibly resourceful and a fast talker.  Not to mention he is a snappy dresser.

6. Logan Jonsen

Performer: Michael Xavier

Logan is a pack member of Jeremy’s group and probably one of the most down to earth characters.  Great personality and definitely able to hold his own, it was definitely messed up when he died.  Still, his memory lives on through the characters and his legacy through his fiance, Rachel, and son, Rocco.

5. Rachel Sutton

Bitten - Rachel Sutton - Genelle Williams

Performer: Genelle Williams

How does a human get put on a list full of supernatural beings?  Well, it’s because of how she reacts to being thrown in a world full supernatural beings.  Though initially a damsel in distress she does step up, especially when she discovers that she has magical prowess.

4. Nick Sorrentino

Bitten - Nick Sorrentino - Steve Lund

Performer: Steve Lund

Nick seems like one of those characters who just seems pleasant to be around.  Like one of those friends that no matter how long you’ve been apart that he just delivers a good time.  Though he loses much in the series he still remains a strong, considerate and dedicated character.

3. Clayton Danvers

Bitten - Clayton Danvers - Greyston Holt

Performer: Greyston Holt

Clayton is a werewolf and a bodyguard of Pack Alpha, Jeremy Danvers as well as husband to Elena Michaels.  Clayton is one of those characters that has an unnatural badass look, which he can easily back it up in a fight.  Despite his ability to kick ass, he has great instincts.

2. Paige Winterbourne

Bitten - Paige Winterbourne - Tommie-Amber Pirie

Performer: Tommie-Amber Pirie

A witch and a member of the Interracial Council, Paige is without a doubt not only because of her abilities but also because she is super hot.  She displays some of the most interesting magical abilities.  Sorry it didn’t work out between her and Nick.

 1. Elena Michaels

Bitten - Elena Michaels - Laura Vandervoort

Performer: Laura Vandervoort

Elena is a pack werewolf and the world’s only female werewolf.  Elena is number one because of a number of different reasons.  She is a very talented combatant.  She uses her shapeshifting and werewolf abilities in some of the most interesting ways.  She’s a strong female lead.  And she is completely hot.

Thanks for checking out the list and in the comment section below don’t forget to list your top ten favorite characters in the tv series Bitten.

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