Top 10 X-Men Villains

What’s poppin’?  Was thinking about during X-Men film series reviews when I thought about many of the characters that the comics and other media have shown.  So in this post, I’m listing the top ten most badass X-Men villains of all time.

Mr. Sinister - X-Men

10. Mr. Sinister

Omega Red - X-Men

9. Omega Red

Toad - X-Men

8. Toad

Juggernaut - X-Men

7. Juggernaut

Juggernaut is a complete powerhouse.  Juggernaut has tackled with the X-Men numerous times, displaying raw power and brute strength.  I mean look at those muscles, they’re just out of this world.

Sebastian Shaw - X-Men

6. Sebastian Shaw

Charismatic leader of the Hellfire Club, and a powerful mutant with the ability to absorb kinetic energy to rechannel into superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

Sentinel - X-Men

5. Sentinels

Some of the most iconic robotic villains in comics, sentinels are massive, relentless machines tasked with hunting down mutants.  If the robots’ size doesn’t intimidate you, then its cold expression will.

Apocalypse - X-Men

4. Apocalypse

Believed to be the very first mutant, En Sabah Nur believes that the strongest survive.  With all his abilities, “godlike” cannot begin to describe him.

Sabretooth - X-Men

3. Sabretooth

Okay, think of Wolverine, except with a more blood thirsty nature.  Sabretooth is one of those villains who loves the thrill of the death and combat.

Mystique - X-Men

2. Mystique

How can you beat someone who is able to shapeshift into other people?  Despite her limited abilities she is more than capable of handling herself.  Adept in hand-to-hand combat as well as with firearms, she is both beautiful and deadly.

Magneto - X-Men

 1. Magneto

A revolutionist and terrorist, Magneto is one of the X-Men’s most prominent adversaries.  Come on, the main can control metal (or at least the magnetic fields).  Despite his cruel nature, he honestly has tragic beginnings that have shaped him from a scared little boy to one of the world’s most powerful mutants.

Thanks for checking out the post and in the comment section below leave your top ten favorite X-Men villains.

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